Sharing Some Love and Inspiration With My Supporters and Friends…

This was sent to me by a friend of mine to keep me “Spiritually Uplifted,”… and I’m sharing it with all of you, which includes some free ebooks on ‘Self-Love and Inspiration’ by award-winning authors and recovery friends.

Joined Together in Love

With all my heart, I give thanks to my spiritual & recovery family, which keeps
on expanding year by year.

I connect each week with my beloved, loving peeps at the Sunday services I enjoy together in love and camaraderie…

I share fine friendships where we listen intently without judgment, offer sage advice if asked, and remind each other of our gift to the world and that
is each of us.

In all these cases, we study timeless wisdom together, share deeply, and expand
our hearts and minds while
supporting one another.

Such a blessing to embrace like-minded friends in my life. And I keep meeting more light-filled beings.

We enrich the world as we grow and learn. And remember,
I am so grateful.

(I want to thank my friends and donors who have contributed to the Go Fund Me medical fund my friend Catherine set up for me. The medical and medication expenses have been financially dire and more than I can handle.)

So, thank you, and I am grateful to those who have donated!

Medical & Treatment Fund For Lang Martinez ~ Go Fund Me
Organizer: Catherine Lyon Author
Beneficiary: Lang Patrick Martinez >>Donation Link

My name is Catherine Lyon, but most know me by Cat.

I have started this emergency medical, treatment, and medical expenses fundraiser for a dear friend of mine, Lang Patrick Martinez, who not only needs our support of prayers but needs financial support. He was admitted into the hospital, fighting a severe medical condition, and diagnosed with Behcet’s disease. He was admitted into Ronald Regan UCLA Medical center on September 20th through September 29th, 2022. He just had eye surgery on October 25th, 2022; sadly, a second surgery will be required in late December 2022.

This disease has already attacked his right eye and caused vision loss. Doctors have found blood clots in his legs and significant bruising on several areas under his skin from possible internal bleeding. Doctors are still running many more tests even after this diagnosis. The doctors are not sure at this point what else is happening besides “Behcet’s” and the leg blood clot but are still running more tests for other autoimmune/infections. He is in a lot of pain because he has maintained recovery for over 4+years and refuses pain meds.

This is why I have started this fundraiser to benefit Lang Martinez with hope, aid, and monetary support for future medical expenses and treatments as he gets back on his feet. For those who know Lang, he is still healing from past adolescent trauma and abuse. Through Lang’s passion as an advocate for recovery from addiction and those homeless sharing hope and help, he could now use our recovery service, prayers, and support in his time of need, medical expenses, and medications.

He needs our good wishes and HOPE! It will let him know he will get through this. I will keep the medical updates posted here as I receive them from his doctor at UCLA, and we thank you in advance for your prayers, support, and monetary support.

Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Advocate/Author

Update: Eye Surgery Done! One more to go.

Hello Donors and Supporters,

I want to share another update on Lang’s condition. He had a speed bump last Sunday, October 2nd, 2022, and was taken to Ventura County Memorial by his friend Adam because Lang still has no vision in his right eye. and can not drive.

His stomach pain, bloating and bruising returned more severe than when he’d been in UCLA for nine days. He was in ER for eleven hours, more tests were run, and they found the blood thinners they put him on at UCLA had an adverse effect on his body and stomach. So they took him off of them for 48 hours and started him on new ones, plus the meds to help with “Behcets” all of them are only partially covered by his insurance.

His stomach seems to be doing much better, and the bruising is finally getting lighter. He also got an appointment with the eye surgeon. Will know later this week if the eye is surgically repairable, so please keep him in your prayers. He is back home at his Sponsor’s house, Ruben Chavez, and resting.

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My name is Lang, and I am a male adult survivor of adolescent trauma, rape, and abuse. This is my story, my journey of healing, helping others, and sharing HOPE.

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    Hello Recovery Posse, friends, and supporters,

    I have received many emails from my recovery friends asking me how my buddy Lang is doing after his hospital stay and diagnosis of Behcet’s Disease…

    Well, he shares most of it in his new post! He is still needing financial support and blessings. He still has a long recovery road. One eye surgery is done, but one more to go. So ongoing specialist appointments and some of the meds are not covered by insurance, which sucks! I have raised and given him over $600, but I’m way off on my goal of $1600-…
    He could really use our help!

    Thanks, friends, and may God Bless you.

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