Sharing Photos of Living a Recovery Lifestyle With Friends Even Through My Health Challenges and More…

“Keeping Hope Alive”

I will start this new post with a bit of a Health Update for my new friends, visitors, and recovery supporters.

Since I had been released from UCLA Medical center after nine days at the end of last month on a Thursday, I had another trip back that Sunday. So, my friend Adam took me to VC Memorial in Ventura around 4:30 PM with severe pain in my stomach. After some tests, it was the blood thinners my blood doctor had me on, and my body had an adverse reaction to them.

So they took me off them for 48 hours, and we are trying some new ones. I was finally released around 2 AM and went home. I finally got an eye appointment with the eye surgeon next week to drain the fluid out of my right eye and see if I’ll need surgery to attach the retina to regain vision.

I’ll let you know how all that goes. But while I was at UCLA, I missed a significant event I was invited to by Jeannie and Marcus Marshall, founders of the newspaper, ‘Keys To Recovery.’ It was the Gala they put on each year honoring others for the recovery work they did for others. Many notable people attended I would have liked to meet. I gave my tickets to a friend I am a mentor to, Tonya Doolin. She invited her sponsor, Maedene Elizabeth, to attend with her. As you’ll see from the photos, they had a great time at the Gala Dinner!

“Thank you for Celebrating our Final Year with us at the Awards Dinner! Congratulations to our recipients of 2022 for “Outstanding Contributions to the Recovery Community” Candy Finnigan & Ryan Leaf. Thank you to our generous sponsors who helped us throw an amazing dinner ~” Keys To Recovery”

Tonya Doolin & Maedene Elizabeth

Dr. Lois Lee Founder of ‘Children of the Night
Candy an Interventionist from the A&E Show

LtoR, Marcus Marshall, Candy, Jeannie Marshall, & Ryan Leaf

Sadly I missed this last Gala with my dear friends Marcus and Jeannie. They have put their heart and soul into their newspaper and helping those recovering from addictions find HOPE and HELP through this publication. They have had my articles shared in their paper and I am grateful to them for doing so. I love you, Marcus and Jeannie!

Sobriety B-Day With Tonya!

Another celebration I didn’t MISS was my friend Tonya Doolin’s 6-month sobriety BIRTHDAY!

We celebrated it along with my dear friend Peggy Rivera with a lunch out at a local Mexican restaurant this past Friday! I even told the waitress it was Tonya’s birthday! Check out the photos as Tonya wasn’t having any of it! They brought her dessert as a surprise that somehow ended up in Peggy’s HANDS! LOL…

Peggy Rivera, Former Homeless Commission Chair

In all seriousness, at the bottom of this post, I will share some of what I wrote and posted on my Facebook page to honor this amazing woman, Tonya Doolin. She has come a long way in just 6-months from where she had been.

Even though we say in recovery that “Our Past Doesn’t Define Who Are Today,” Tonya has had a pretty rough road and upbringing. This lunch out is only a tiny portion of the accolades she deserves for her recovery work, sobriety, and how she has transformed her life!

(L to R) ME, Peggy, Tonya

Lastly, I wanted to share and give a big Thank You to Dr. Lois Lee as while I was hospitalized for over nine days she coordinated and gained a sponsorship, and a large donation of shoes from the headquarters of Nike Shoes out of Portland, Oregon.
She asked me if some of the resources/places I work through of the advocacy work I use or go through of homeless shelters and sober living homes, could they use some donations from this sponsorship.

Founder of ‘Children of The Night’ Dr. Lois Lee and ME

Because Nike was so generous with the amount of the new shoes sent to her.
SO? Yesterday we went and began to deliver the shoes. I could only do an hour or two because I was having some tiredness and a few side effects from the new meds I am on. One of my compadres shared this on his Facebook as he was happy and excited to get a brand new pair of shoes.

“So my Nike sponsorship came thru today, for real!! Thanks, NIKE and Lang Patrick Martinez for making it happen! Jeremiah!”

May be an image of footwear

So, you see, it isn’t ALWAYS ABOUT LANG MARTINEZ, Lol.

It is how I try to help give others hope and give a little SELF-Worth back to them. I will close with the Facebook post share and a little backstory of my friend Tonya as I call her an “Incredible!”

~Lang Patrick Martinez – My Journey of “Nobody Knows But Me.” GOD DOES!

***** ***** ***** ***** ******

Tonya was on BlogTalkRadio and Shared her Story >>Take a Listen!

(Lang’s FB)


Tonya Doolin, 49 years young, from Oxnard, California. She survived child abuse and many other traumas. She is a recovering addict who has lived a life of trauma and addiction to alcohol and other drugs. Generally speaking, women progress faster in addiction than men, face different barriers to getting help, and recover differently. At the age of 12, Tonya sought out the first 18-wheeler truck driver she could and used their radio to ask if anyone was going anywhere interesting.
She became a state-to-state runner, and eventually a victim of human trafficking, not knowing where she was. Back in her home state of Texas at 14, Tonya was enrolled in a runaway program/group home where attempted suicide and later be admitted to a mental hospital. At 15 Tonya started to dance topless because she remembered the words of her mother, ”Females should never be broke”. She was told marriage would get her out of trouble and since the age of 14, she has had several husbands, one after another, who only further worsened her situation.

Her deep conviction of being self-employed led her to become a renegade sex worker, working the streets without a pimp. Lonely and seeking validation and self-worth, Tonya found herself drowning in her old habits. The core of her addiction and recovery experience has made her realize that by being through the hell of addiction and slowly working to make it back to the other side her story can help provide a sense of relief and give both hope and the opportunity to feel seen and perhaps a little less alone.
Tonya hopes to get back into writing poetry about love and religion and one day become a sponsor. She has dreams of writing her own book and looks to go back to school to help her do so. Tonya wants people to see that drugs and alcohol will only make things worse.

Tonya Doolin

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My name is Lang, and I am a male adult survivor of adolescent trauma, rape, and abuse. This is my story, my journey of healing, helping others, and sharing HOPE.

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    Lang has come a long way within GOD’S Love, Care, and Mercy as even when his health is not good, he still finds ways to be of recovery service to others, and make someone SMILE!

    His advocacy might be a little unconventional at times, (LOL), but his heart is always in the right place. You can’t expect more when he is still on a healing journey of his own…still.
    It is what his website is all about. Sharing his journey and his voice for those who feel they don’t have one.

    Advocate Catherine Lyon 😺✨💞✝✝

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